Chasing the Cool; 101119

"If 'travel' is searching… and 'home' what's been found… I'm not stopping." -Björk

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Gap x Keds — via Hypebeast

Not even gonna front, I'm a footwear snob and I like to rock the best of kicks. While I've seen rustic, granola, lackluster efforts from the Gap in the "steppers" department, these just might have my attention.


Reed + Radar, via High Snobiety

If for no other reason but morbid curiousity at the slightly more than a little creepy presentation of animated GIFs, peep Reed + Radar for the amazing fashion-forward color palette. Graphic designers, pay attention, we'll be using these Pantones in a year—I promise!


London-based artist, Slinkachu, via Hypebeast

Min'stallations! (too clever for you? okay… "mini installations") This is so dope in craft and concept, I need say no more. Click the pic!