Coolin' with Fam, Giving that Thanks & DEN Some!

Annually, I roll West across the Husker State into the thin air of the Mile High City to get home-cooking and hang-out time with my mama. New to the mix in my Denver escapades are the newset family transplants to that area; my youngest sister Roslynn and her newborn—my heart-snatcher of a neice—Sarah.

Along for the ride was TK—the Almighty Wifebot, and my sis Rochelle & her family. Along the way, fun traditions have been formed, such as meeting up with my duder, Eric Hines (of Honest Bros. fame), usually at 'My Brother's Bar', and we try rock a snow-boarding trip to Breckenridge each year. We rain-checked that this go 'round, but it's always good to chill with the homie.

I cruised through Park Meadows Mall and ended up doing a "Sneaky Fun Book Tour" signing at the Borders bookstore there. Yep, signed my own book and put it back on the shelf… as if anyone wants it, but it was tongue-in-cheek hilarious to do!

'Black Friday' always hits when I'm out in the DEN-area, and while I don't get so geeked for the shopping as much as the people-watching, it is fun to be out-and-about in the crisp cold air sharing a few laughs—many times, at the idiotic fanatical shoppers' collective expense.

But most of all, a good road-trip is a reminder of many things… my list of said things is my own. Get out and find out what your list is.

As always, RDQLUS loves you!