Damn the Promises… Just Deliver!

Sy the Tailor… garment gangsta'!

Remember my man, Sy the Tailor? (I love that name by the way… sounds real gangster!) Anyhow… Sy's final word to me after our first meeting were, "I'm gonna take care of you." I left the shop, very hopeful, excited, but unsure.

Sy, never once took a measurement of my legs, but he eyeballed the jeans I wore in that day. He didn't know it but I did that on purpose because I wanted to use them as an example template for the work I wanted him to do. He looked at me wearing them and said to me—very candidly and honestly, "I'm not going to promise you I can make them fit like that…", and then began to explain why. In a strange twist of customer service, he did me a far greater service by setting expectations and not bullsh*tting me with a bloated promise just because that's what the magical laws of customer service state you should do. He gave me the "get real" moment, albeit politely. But then he did something that makes me truly appreciate the whole build up to delivery…

Damn. He came through. Straight up. From eyeballing my garment like a master craftsman, to confidently asking me, "You wanna try them on? Go right ahead.", he nailed it. I stepped into the modest dressing room, full of hope that all of my expectations would traverse from assumptions to actuality. Boom. They were perfect. And aside from all that he said he wouldn't promise to do, he did it—perfectly.

That's why I say damn the promises… just deliver! That's promise enough. Thanks, Sy!