RDQLUS Kicks Facts About Kicks

As a designer & sneaker aficionado, RDQLUS was asked to be an on-air "expert" for the latest release of the Retro "Cool Gray" Jordan XI… In MJ's new home-city.


(Video courtesy of WBTV Charlotte. Click the above video player to peep the story. Sorry about the cheesy ad, not my doing.)

I woke Thursday to a message on Facebook from a childhood friend, K. Fitzgerald Stewart asking very matter-of-factly, "hey, do you want to be on TV?" Huh? Let me shake the morning fog and read that again… yep, that's what it said. We shoot a few messages back and forth and the details shake out that his CBS affiliate (WBTV, Charlotte NC) needed a "sneaker expert" to do a bit of Q&A with the local evening ancor, who was running a story about the release of the infamous "Cool Grey" Air Jordan XI. 'Stew' was the only one on staff to have a sneaker aficionado on speed-dial—or at least speed-Facebook. Using Skype, we set up a video link and got our Matt Lauer on! Though a few of the facts about the release were wrong, the interview was a new experience and highly enjoyable, RDQLUS fun!