Legendary OMA Shop BBB Ltd is Dun!

A beloved old shop makes a new home in a historic place.

Very good 'Friends of RDQLUS', skate shop BBB Ltd. has been in the Omaha-area for decades, having had versions of their shops in the Ralston and the North Downtown area. The No-Do shop was the most recent and—while a good looking shop—it was a bit off the pedestrain beaten-path.

Well that's all "Dun" now… so get ready to see a resurgence for this Omaha staple.

Occupying a well-know space (the former Vick's Corn Popper location) in the historic Dundee neighborhood, the new shop boasts a matte black interior, a small square floorplan, much better wall space for boards and great windows that provide an amazing view of the new neighborhood and very good natural lighting.

We wish our homie Jeff and ol' BBB the best in the new locale;
5030 Underwood Ave. (in the Dundee neighborhood)