When Being Social in the AM for the Lincoln AMA Equals Brunch!

Thursday morning started with a jolt and a bolt! RDQLUS was graciously invited by the Lincoln chapter of the American Marketing Association (Lincoln AMA), to sit on a panel centered around best practices when using the still burgeoning realm of social media for marketing and communication. The "jolt-n-bolt" came in when I remembered that I was needed on point as the get-away driver for my good friend and social media maven herself—Megan Hunt, of Princess Lasertron fame, who was also invited to share her knowledge of blogging and being social in the name of business.

The event itself was surprisingly good as there were many questions—and hopefully some good answers and information given back—as the early AM did little to dull the excitement over the topic. Other fine media-savvy heads in the place were Danny Schreiber of siliconprairienews.com, Deb Averett of freshnestdesign.com and toolulu.com, Christy Nelson of christynelson.net and toolulu.com, Khara Plicanic – kabloomstudios.com/blog, Lori Havens - Social Media Guru at Ervin & Smith Advertising and Public Relations.

So here's the rub, if indeed there is one… with the drive from the "ONE" to the Star City being well under an hour and the event lasting just a little over an hour, Megan & I were left with a bit of time and a need to make the trip to another Nebraska city just that tad bit more worth it. With a look at the time on the wrist-clock… Brunch for munch!

Ahhh… 'Bread and Cup', Lincoln, NE

With co-pilot Megz on the Map app for the exact address, we quickly found ourselves face-to-face at a nice table, discussing the good events of the morning while gnawing a couple of homemade peanut butter sammies—hers the famed apple butter variety, while mine was my signature PB & honey steez—at 'Bread and Cup'(440 N 8th St Suite 150, Lincoln, NE).

Megan w/Kevin, proprietor of 'Bread and Cup'

In all a fine AM, in the name of the AMA. Thanks to all of the fine people of the Lincoln AMA for a warm welcome. RDQLUS will indeed return when the need arises. Just flash the crown signal!

Steve G