Rdqlus'ly Tasty Identity Design

'Expeditiously Delicious'
 Exclusive Made-to-Order Baked Goods

When I received a message from Nikki Herberger—the daughter of my client Jeni Herberger—asking "what was the fun company name we had talked about?" I had to smile. A week earlier while in Seattle, WA on business with her mother, I had the pleasure of having lunch with the dynamic duo and we had playfully discussed turning a serious eye on young Ms. Herberger's baking & confectionary prowess. So I jokingly shouted out the fictional, grammatically embellished phrase, "Expeditiously Delicious!" Little did I know.

True to her entrepreneurial roots, having small business-owner parents, Ms. Herberger decided to try her hand at taking her baking more official, and skipping the laborious mall walk most teens embark upon to find seasonal summer jobs. So RDQLUS added a dash of identity love into the recipe, with tasteful black & white, custom hand-drawn artwork that reads like a visual equation for baked perfection, and tongue-in-cheek slogans that poke a bit of fun at the name. All things ring very true to the personality of my talented young client.

There will be updates to this project as RDQLUS Creative takes on marketing efforts for this young upstart with a startup… We'll watch it rise, let it cool and enjoy!