RDQLUS x EmSpace Group; NBC 2010 Overview Booklet

As an independent design consultant, I really dig working with Omaha creative staple, the EmSpace Group and I'm fortunate to get to work with them on the regular. Recently, they brought me in to aid in the design of the 2010 version of Nebraska Book Company overview booklet.

The challenge was to give the look a more customer-focused, marquee periodical look, yet not have it look completely foreign next to their previous and current marketing materials. Seems simple enough, right? But it did indeed prove to be a challenge. Any creative pro will tell you, a good and proper redesign is often more difficult than a fresh look from scratch. The result was a large format, landscape, full-color + pewter metallic work that fits nicely into a specified spot in the NBC marketing folder.


In the end, the overview booklet seems set to be a successful addition to the NBC marketing pack and it was yet another successful collaboration between RDQLUS & EmSpace. Many thanks to the EmSpace Group and Keelie Haner in particular for the collaborative efforts. I look forward to more projects with this crew.