Did I Pack My Adapter?!

When i travel, I have a tendency to open myself to wandering thought. So this is what crossed my mind reading an article about a personal brand;

In this world of ever-changing landscapes, anamorphic facades and views as stable as perpetually molten lava on a steep slope, it's a heavy task to nail down who you are, what you do and then even more difficult to speak to this consistently while carrying your own banner. This race we run, no matter how intent or purposeful our efforts, will at some point require a chameleon nature from us all. Those of us most successful at shifting the necessary shapes run the risk of becoming too skilled at this, losing track of the base model's parts & pieces

So how to cope, utilize and even pull a reversal move to adapt the adaptation & claim it as not a mere skillset, but as "me"? Well…

I'm a project-raised, street-minded, church-weened, prep-schooled, sports-honed, classically-trained, corporate-experienced, deep-thinking, quick-tempered, loud mouth. But… all of these things have one thing in common that I cannot change as long as I stay aware of it; My Voice. Not just the sound that comes out of my mouth but the corresponding and accompanying symphony & choreography. This is the filter for all things me. For all things RDQLUS. No matter what I wear, what I say, what I do, it will all bear the indelible mark of "me"—that is if I stay aware that I am actively at the helm. If I give it up to Life and this world as forcing this upon me, then I run the risk of losing awareness of self in the process. Not a good look.

We're not always going to pull perfect moves and stellar hijinx that lead to ultimate success, but through it all, the realization of what we are doing—in the moment, every moment—is what keeps us in tuned to that "voice" that is each of us.

At least that's what I think…
Back to whatever movie I was watching.