My RDQLUS Passion Gives Me a COMPLEX

Steve Gordon Jr featured as the sneaker all-star of the week by international publication, Complex Magazine

Pennies, stamps, lint balls… people collect all types of things that seemingly have little value to others but very high personal value. My vice is sneakers aka "kicks". Many know that I am a long-time sneakerhead—a person with a very deep affinity for the rubber-soled variety of footwear. A silly hobby to some, it's a passion for me that started way too many years ago.

Well there is something to be said for staying true to your passions. Complex Magazine (Twitter: @ComplexMag) does a twice-weekly web feature they call "Twit-Kicks", where sneakerheads all over the country send pics to the Complex Twitter account—under the hashtag #twit-kicks—of the fine footwear they happen to be rocking. After meny weeks of sending in my own pics, they deamed that I had consistent "heat" and featured me as only their second "Twit-Kicks All-Star" ever!

Check the pics and story after the jump! My thanks to the Complex Magazine staff (and my man, Joe LaPuma) for the RDQLUS recognition.