ColdFoolish; 100417

Since before high school, Saturday morning has always been the time that I would take all of my mental (and sometimes actual) notes and head out on the style hunt for the things that I found during the week. Now for the majority of this time, I couldn't afford the stuff so I developed a keen eye and a took my time wandering and studying styles, fabrics, cuts, construction and the overall "cool" of things.

"ColdFoolish" is the RDQLUS slang for chasing the "cool". Every Saturday morning, I'm going to try to post up a few hot things I've been peeping during the week. Whether or not we can cop them is besides the point. Browse, touch, wander and enjoy the hunt!


Porter Classic x FREECOM 250gb Harddrive [pic & link, courtesy of High Snobiety]Japanese bag maker Porter Classic teamed with German data storage company FREECOM to produce this very classy, very small (just larger than a matchbook) 250gb mobile storage device. Nowadays, even your files must be top-notch. Click the image or head to High Snobiety for more info, after the jump.


Nike Air Max 1 White/Electric Green/Pink [pic & link, courtesy of &]Spring brings out the fresh in all of us. Nike is coming with som many colorways on classics, it's not even funny. One of the freshest I've spotted are these Nike Air Max 1's. Extra pro. Peep the deets over at NiceKicks.


Get Jacked… in a good way!

Lastly, is an invite only site where overstock and limited-time offerings are posted. Much of the gear is rare or hard to find, but with this site you can have it shipped to your door and be the freshest on the block. But since it's invite-only, you need a hook-up… That's where I got you covered. Click here and tell'em "RDQLUS Sent You" . You're welcome. ;-)