From London to Wherever You're At!

Say what you will about "art core" Hip Hop but it's about time the genre go a bit of bending and shifting toward new horizons. From Kid Cudi, B.o.B to the neo-godfather of "Art Hop"—Andre3000 of Outkast—there has been those few who break from the tired norms seemingly without intent but full of conviction and autheticity about what they do. All the while they garner attention and loyal followings thru the oldest form of modern musical discovery… the mixtape. Passed along for free and with a trusted friend's recommendation, fandom often spreads like a raging back-burn and leaves the listener scorched and happy.

Such is the case with Theophilus London. This cat is on one with his steez being a child of the soul era, schooled by Hip Hop while wearing an NYC Lower East Side type of skin. Peep the lastest mixtape, "I Want You".

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