Creativity = Active Participation = Living

There has always been much debate about whether a creative person is born or made. My friend Jeni Herberger & I talk of this a lot and she is of the mind that we all have the ability to be creative. I tend to now agree with her more and more, because of the obvious difference between "artistic" and "creative". Artistic ability is surely a gift. However, even artistic people are not very creative. Creativity boils down to a very simple premise, in my mind; are you actively participating in the immediate world around you?

Now I say "actively", because participation can happen involuntary or, in many cases, in a passive, meaningless way within that world. I can stand outside, in a howling wind and be blown about, or I can face the other direction open my jacket and get a wind-aided push. I can complain about the wobbly table that I've just set my coffee on, or I can take a napkin, folded enough times to pop under a leg and stabilize it in 2 sec flat. I can simply look a blank canvas—of any kind, or I can be moved to fill it with the visions I see in my head. I can have fathoms-deep thoughts of how I feel this world is moving and working, but do I keep them to myself or do I share with the world around me? The point is that the environments we have personally crafted and placed ourselves within are moving and growing! They are actually happening—without our continued involvement. What we do past that is were creativity is born, fostered and grown to proportions that we typically end up recognizing; the grand moves of science and the arts, and in cultural and social shifts.

Adding to this world with as much as a simple sharing of your ideas, reshaping your environs with revisions of thought and philosophy, subtracting from the same with editing to make the surrounding more of a place that you can operate within and explore… this is creativity.

Are you actively participating in the world around you? Then you understand my final point that to actively participate in the world around you is to be living. Merely taking breath and blinking a few times… that ain't living, so why play yourself like that?! "Live" is a verb, an action word denoting the act of participating within this world, this venue we call Life.

(this all reinforces the fact that I love my naming, because RDQLUS Creative will always actively participate!)