Nomadic Needs for Indie Creatives; 100706

Seeking the mobile office oasis

I vowed long ago to never reveal my choice havens for creative mobile office'ing—and I'm not going to change that now, foolios! However, I do know the importance of going mobile with a solid place to do work. Fading are the days when being without brick-n-mortar make you less of a business person. So I'm going to periodically tell you about some cool spots no matter what city you're in. I'll of course start and hover close to my home in the ONE, but my travels will reveal good spots nationwide. First, let me say that my co-horts I and I will soon be chopping it up at the coworking hide-out CAMP here in the Omaha. But when not huddled around that fire, where might you pitch your tent? Try these spots:


Aromas Coffeehouse
1033 Jones Street (between Omaha Wine Co. & Nomad Lounge)
Mon-Fri 7a-11p, Sat 8a-11p, Sun 9a-11p

wi-fi, table space, comfy chairs, java

Aromas is far roomier than it initially looks as you walk in the door. With cushy chairs and tables it's equipped for biz on the go. Normally pretty good for low ambient noise (aside from the making of java snacks), it's not a bad place if you need to meet a client on the go. Perhaps the coolest feature, the ability to check the availability of table space directly on the website.


Paradise Bakery - Regency Court
120 Regency Parkway
Mon-Sat 6a-8p, Sun 6a-6p

wi-fi, couches & comfy chairs, table space, full menu & java

This is a the west-central location of Paradise Bakery, just on the fringe of the Westside area up in Regency. A great, relatively unknown spot that boasts strong wi-fi and enough coffee & food to make it one of those rare all-day "hunker bunkers." The noise level reaches a fever-pitch during lunch rush, but is almost eerily quiet normally as is the standard for the interior of Regency Court. The hidden gem of this spot is the indoor courtyard of tables and the group of tables that sit just outside the indoor edge of the restaurant, but still well within range of the wi-fi.


If you have a suggestion, no matter the area or city, hit me up with the 'Contact' form and let me know and I'll get the spot in here on future round-ups. Contrary to popular misgivings… we are a community and WE are smarter than ME!