Wow, Marvel at the Journey.

The hardest thing for a designer is perfecting your own identity & brand

As an identity designer, I am highly respectful of the process of establishing a brand and designing a total identity for my clients. But the paradox of that is the hardest client to design for is always myself. I dive in with little doubts for my other clients, but I'm full of it when I design for myself. Thanks to my good friend, Travis B. of VNDK8, taking me on a walk down memory lane, I dug back into my archive and pulled my biz cards over the last 8 years. And yes, I kept my cards. I'm not ashamed of them and I think it's important to keep evidence of the visual journey. And the cool thing about it is that feeling that—after all of the head-games and hard work, designs and doubts—I finally got it right. Done!

 PS: I've had that size a card before "Moo Cards" ever started. ;-)