Nomadic Needs for Indie Creatives; 100804

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Workspot goodness;
13th Street Coffee Co.

521 South 13th Street (just north of Jones Street)
Area: Old Market
City: Omaha, NE

wi-fi, small & medium table space, java, food, beverages

I hit Downtown Omaha often enough to occassionally need an alternate work spot to do my biz and avoid the time-suck of a westerly drive back to RDQLUS HQ. Down on 13th Street, at the corridor of the Old Market District, there's 13th Street Coffee Co. This shop has been alive and well for more than a decade and the formula seems too simple; good coffee, good atmosphere & a good space. But you need it for mobile officing, so let's talk details.

Seating is ample but sparse enough to not feel like you're sitting on top of the person at the table next to you. The table space is very good, as there are well-maintained large square and smaller rectangular tables with the coffeeshop rarity of cushioned seats. Another rare ammenity for many coffeeshops in the Omaha-area is the split-level design. 13th Street Coffee has an upstairs that is very functional, not just for looks. Reclaimed loungers and more tables and chairs offer a place to do work and even a biz meeting off of the main floor.

WiFi is as good as any and because of the seating, even with a full house it won't be taxed too much during the day. so there's not a worry there. Parking may truly be the only issue. There are only pay lots, meters and tenant parking in the square block proximity. There isnt a huge student population and no colleges within a 20 minute walk, so that crowd typically doesn't congregate here too plentifully.

Overall, the prime working hours of the 8-5 crowd leave this place pretty open for the mobile professional. Evenings may find it a bit more of a hotspot for the pedestrian set that invades the Old Market. But with good seating, table space and atmosphere, 13th Street Coffee Co. is a solid spot for work or a brief meeting, and you'll be no less the professional for doing so.