"Layin' the Game Down, Quite Flat!"

AIGA Bordo Bello x RDQLUS 'Heartlander' Pack sneak-peek

At the end of this month (September 30th) AIGA Colorado will host its annual skateboard art charity fundrasing event, 'Bordo Bello', featuring the artistic visions of talented artists from many disciplines putting their skills to the wood for a good cause. RDQLUS was fortunate to be asked to contribute and I humbly accepted the chance to play nice with others. Awed by the thought of what my gifted counterparts would be doing, I wanted to take a slightly different approach, dialing it back a bit and making something ultimately street-worthy. I didn't want to do a gallery piece, but a deck that was meant to be trucked and street'ed the second it came off the wall. but I still wanted it to be special, so why not adapt the artwork into a limited-edition t-shirt and make it a 1-of-1 pack?! Done! Here's a sneak-peek at the 'Heartlander' pack; a shout-out to all those "no-coasters", holding it down—street-level—in the flyover states.

In addition, the night of the exhibition, a public version of the tee will be available in the in the RDQLUS 'Shop' so stay posted up here for more details.