For Us "River-Coasters" Everywhere

The RDQLUS Q3 drop starts out with love for all those on the the river-coasts of the Great Plains.

'Heartlander' "Public Edition" tee will drop the night of Denver AIGA's Bordo Bello charty event, Sept. 30, 2010Heartlanders… STAND UP!

The 'Heartland' of America is about more than just grain, livestock and Chevy truck commercials… well, it's admittedly all that stuff too. But don't sleep; we do our thing! Shouts out to my running mate Eric Downs (Downs Design), who saw my sketch for this particular idea and gave his trade mark, "Yo, son… you should DO that one!" I followed his advice—and what followed that was a design that I am proud to offer up to my all of my 'Heartlanders' out there. Don't matter where you're from; if you've got love for the Middy—we've go love for you!

This tee drops in the RDQLUS 'SHOP' in connection to the 1-of-1 special edition RDQLUS x Bordo Bello 'Heartlander' pack that's up for charity auction at the Bordo Bello event in DEN, CO on Thurs., September 30th. Stay posted up to grab one!