RDQLUS Dropshots; 111028

This jacket hates your jackets style;
I rolled up to The NewBLK's studio space to get ready for the closing party for my 'MSSNGR' show, and my dude, SB (Shawn Bainbridge) comes rolling down the stairs in a fly throw-back bomber jacket like the old school classic satin "Korea" jackets that everyone's cool uncle seemed to have. But this was different, it was an antithetic "weekend leave" bomber that someone had made to look real flossy when venturing off-base. Parachute nylon and custom embroidery—this coat was so ill. He had copped it during his latest NYC jaunt. Color me jealous! (read on!)


I recently sat in on two panels/interviews with Megan of Princess Lasertron. She's a funny gal and when she gets board, she makes this face. Haha. Be on the lookout and do not bore her, or you're done for.


On an Excursion;
There are just some artists and albums that are incredible, start-to-finish. There are some even better than that, which make you alter your motion or things you do just to listen to them. I hopped in my car yesterday, ready to quit the working and head for the home-front. As usual, I pop my iPod or phone on the transmitter and light up a few tracks, but on this day I fired up A Tribe Called Quest's "The Low End Theory." This album was my bus-riding music back in high school for the long treks from prep school back to the wrong side of the tracks. In my car, it's my take-the-long-way-home music. (Sorry babe, I had to circle the block to finish the song!)


Playing at the Park;
Krug Park has become my default hang spot. I'm not a huge drinker, but I love the social life of being out and about and this new spot up in Benson is crawling with interesting creative types most every night of the week. Add to that fact that the Waiting Room music venue is right across the street, Jake's (a great neighborhood bar) is just around the corner, the Sydney (another great bar) is walking distance down the Maple corridor. Benson, I see you. Keep checking for me.


The Common Co.;
Keep watching for collaborative goodness and vibes from RDQLUS CREATIVE, RGC and my homie, Brandon Herbel of Make Believe. We've bounced around a lot of ideas this past year and helped each other on projects, so it seemed fitting to have some fun stuff bubble to the surface.


HUMPin' at the BLK;
At the closing party for 'MSSNGR' at The NewBLK, RDQLUS rolled out a new monthly event called 'HUMP'; a little mid-week celebration for reasons little more than just because. We grilled, chilled and spilled in an environment that found so many very cool pockets of conversation and vibing. Don't front—the last Wednesday of the month, we should totally 'HUMP'.


I "ink" I can;
Time to make the RGC Fall/Winter line a reality. I slid by Blick to grab some essentials for the mixing of some new colors. I want to give the fall line a large graphic/subtle colors vibe so I have to come up with my own inks and then set up to pull them all by hand. The goodness you get comes straight from the heart; blood, sweat and tears in each and every piece. Limited in number, not in effort.


Class du Jour!
When I was asked to sit on a Q&A panel at University of Nebraska-Omaha, I thought, "Sure. Something just chill and small… should be fun." Wow! I walked in and the classroom kept going until it was an auditorium [sarcastic look on face]. But after the initial anxiety wore off, we had a blast talking to the students in the School of Journalism about branding, messaging in relation to social media.


Daniel Muller shot me!
Don't worry it didn't hurt much. ;-) Trust me, go see this dude right away!
OMA, I love you… say it back!