RDQLUS Dropshots; 111216

I've always wanted an "ugly Christmas sweater" for the reason of having one on hand to wear to the various seasonal get-togethers that tend to pop up this time of year. But I really don't wear a lot of sweaters. Hmmm… what to do? In my seemingly constant task of thought-wrangling and idea-capture, and obsurd thought got loose; what about an "ugly sweater" tee? Right! But it would have to be simple, wearable completely out of holiday season and most ridiculous if RDQLUS was going to do one. Deal! So the list goes; a crown, stars that could double as snowflakes, a cane (candy or otherwise), a pine tree and a unicorn. Yeah, that says "I'm here… and the party just got real!" I give you 'Holiday Magic Power Moves', because this garment is for power. [read on!]


A quick stop thru Barnes & Noble for my quarterlies is still a treat for this iPad-toting madman. I stroll the periodicals & "glossies" like a cop shaking down a line-up seeing who's gonna flinch and get pulled off the rack. About halfway thru the 30-meters of magazines (several in hand already), I spot a magazine sporting a title that is of some interest to me as of late. I really want to explore more hand-made "cut-n-sew" customzation of garments and 'Cloth' magazine had a killer selection of ideas this month. So I should mention the other treat I get in a bookstore; being judge by my own proverbial cover and watching reactions as I don't stop at the sports, hip hop/music,or skin-rag sections and spend a sizeable time investment gtting my "Martha Stewart" on. So choice!


Omaha-based fine artists Brian Tait & Gerard Pefung have begun to make a name for themselves as incredible artists in various mediums. In the art realm, building that name is often as guarded as the artwork attached to it, so sharing said name & reputation are rarely heard of—but that is exactly what theese two have done to incredible results. The show consisted of a collaborative, yet unplanned approach to doing the artwork, with a "you, now me, and back to you" tandem attack on the canvas. Almost in the mode of a linera visual conversation without the luxury of the line. It happened in place on one canvas at a time. The impressive "COLABO" show should be up for a few more weeks at 'Hardware Gallery' (18th & Vinton, OMA).


I do not actively consider myself a fine artist, belying the title on my Bachelors degree and the corresponding Art minor that came along for the ride. But that's not to say those skills don't get put to use, or that I'm not known—almost by name—at my local art supply store. I just choose to use my skillset in a different way. Some have started to take notice of my sneaker repair & customizations and have begun requesting slots in the order to have a little work done. That's so ironic, considering that in high school I would make lunch money by cleaning and refurbishing sneakers; long before I could afford anything nice for myself. This particular night was spent on a pair of classic "Fire Red" Air Jordan IIIs. If you ever have to work with or mix any form of red ink or pigment, God go with you! This was a toughy… but you know RDQLUS got it done.


"It's gettin' real in the Whole Foods parking lot!" I had to say aloud and laugh to myself on my Sunday run to grab a few items. By now you've probably seen the Hyundai campaign that shows internet-fame'rs who have contributed original quirky works of music for the holiday season. My favorite is the guy with a car full of friends, dropping disntinctly descriptive lyrics about his Hyundai's ammenities. I was surprised to find that this dude, "DJ Dave" has more offerings with his joke-rap crew "Smog and Fog." If you haven't seen "Whole Foods Parking Lot" do yourself the favor right now! It' might not be "gangsta" but there's something good and fun about intelligent lyricism.