RDQLUS CREATIVE x Minorwhite Studios x Grain & Mortar; "Art & Honor" Zero-Edition Poster

The talented crew of photographers at Minorwhite Studios recently stopped down at the RDQLUS CREATIVE Annex to have a closer look at the work in my recently featured show at the New BLK Gallery, and were moved by the design and meaning of the "Art & Honor" piece that still hangs in my office. And then they made an unusual request that most fine artists wouldn't get—but it made complete sense to ask of a former street artist-turned-graphic designer; they wanted to commission their own version of "Art & Honor." I had to mull it over a bit but the answer was inevitably going to be, "yes!"

With direction from principals Scott Drickey and Bill Sitzmann, I set about making Minorwhite a "zero-edition"—a term I've invented, meaning a special-edition that cannot be publically purchased or acquired. Using their newly created identity assets from "Friends-of-RDQLUS" Grain & Mortar (and fellow designer Mike Dekay) I crafted a 2-color poster that was then hand-pulled at InkTank Merch on 18 x 24 charcoal-colored French Paper.

More to come soon in the RDQLUS "Featured Projects" section.