RDQLUS Dropshots; 111226

RDQLUS "Holiday Moves" Edition

My RGC street-team is way mo' tuff than yours, duke! Just look at those mean mugs! My nieces had no idea they were young urban style enthusiasts until they "passed the hat" all Christmas weekend. From the top, clockwise; Taylor, Mercedees, Tarynn & Kayley… and they are all very artistic so my intern stock is about to go up in 10 years!  [read on!]


A little holiday snack-pack action for a particular studio client of RDQLUS Creative is how I get down. I know how this crew does things and they work hard and play it super classy. So why not pack a lunch for them? Beer:30 is on me this Friday!


I love a good chillmode. Just before a particularly busy (and gratifying) evening of work & play at the NewBLK offices and RDQLUS CREATIVE Annex, New BLK creative directors Shawn B., Eric C. and I stopped off at La Buvette in the Old Market District of "The ONE" to chill, chat and do what we do. So much comes from these unplanned sessions that I'd venture a guess that I could do more with these kind of meetings than scheduled ones. Keep banging, boys.


Just an observation; if you're going to go big, get it right. First, your car is "Prince & the Revolution" purple, but I'm not mad at that. What's wrong with your vinyl game? Did you think I wouldn't notice?! C'mon, son!


The New BLK threw an open-call holiday party that was one of the more incredible I've ever been to. During a time of year when we preach love and cheer but close our doors to the public for celebrations, the crew at the 'BLK' held their doors wide open and had an amazing time waiting for all-comers. My fave amenity was the digi-fireplace that actually seemed to be giving off heat! The homie and premier fine artist, Brian Tait gave me a nice holiday warm-fuzzy moment when he unbuttoned his cardigan to reveal his "Pedigree" and it was 'RGC' all day! Party on.


Now may be the winter of our discontent, but Spring is coming, and RGC has a lot to say… Stay posted!


It's a good reminder to keep close: people are listening, so mind what you say—good or otherwise. I recently got a message out of the blue from someone who had attended my speaking session at last years 'HOW Live' design conference in Chicago. I said a lot of things, all with the hopes and intent to motivate the audience. You walk away not ever truly knowing if you've accomplished that task… until you get a small note out of the blue, reminding you what you did or said. The purveyor of the new "Project HARD WORK & DEDICATION" was in my session and dropped me a simple twitter note and picture, saying simply "The RDQLUS crown u signed in the pic kept #projecthwd alive! Thanks for the inspiration to keep going." You are more than welcome, and thank you for motivation to keep it pushing. The "HVY CRWN" stands for just that; hard work & dedication, and a responsibility to all that matters to you.


^ Happy holidays, "RDQLites!"
Love you… say it back!