RDQLUS Dropshots; 111230

"Create & Defend" at it's best! I showed up at the this morning to find a package that had been shipped to me at my new RDQLUS CREATIVE / RGC "Annex" inside 'The New BLK' building. Funny; I never made that address public nor official. So as I'm unwrapping what I found to be a beautiful "lucky bamboo" plant from a college friend wishing me well, in the front door walks a much more recent friend carrying an amazing die-cast bulldog. and picture frame. Little did each of these people bearing well-wishes & humbling gifts know, but their giving extended into a message to me; a plant that needs no soil, and a die-cast bulldog paperweight quickly filtered into my head as physical manifestations of the RGC motto, "Create & Defend." I will do just that, my friends. Thank you! [read on!]


Walk… Drive… Fly! Mayhem may have ensued, but rise above. Give new and specific context for the general content produced. Star in your own movie, or be an extra in someone else's.


As I sat with the amazing & talented Jen Edney of EDNEY Adventure Photojournalism, a thought kept crossing my mind; it's amazing to sit and have a quiet conversation—full of lofty ideals, whip-smart ideas and genuine smiles—with someone you admire & respect. Even better when that person is a client who has entrusted some of the building of their continued path to you. Better still when that client is a friend who has deemed you worthy of a quiet conversation. My hope is that meetings take on a totally different context when you roll with RDQLUS.


"The Endless Summer"… in the first week of winter… on the last Wednesday of the year? Yeah, that's how we get down. As my homies at Make Believe Clothing Co. say; we "Brotherhood of Dreamers."


So after watching the above ode to literally—and figuratively—riding the wave of momentum, what else does a land-locked lover of freedoms do on a 50º night in December, on the last Wednesday of the month and year? You find the biggest, longest, smoothest "hump" and you get over (and down) it.


"Lord… please _______ (fill in your own blank)."
It's been an amazing year.

From RDQLUS CREATIVE; thank you for the entrusting me with your names, brands, goals and ideas to me.  
From RGC; thank you for the amazing and constant support of a brand created solely from a pure love of making something worthy of filling it your own incredible stories of a big life well lived.

Art & Honor.
Create & Defend.
Hustle hard, Rock Higher & Stay Gleaming.
Love you… Say it back!