RDQLUS Dropshots; 111205

Ahhhh, it's Thanksgiving and that means a trip to DEN (Denver CO) to visit my mom, baby sister and my niece. The long 7+ hours drive across Nebraska is a boring tedious one and all I could think about is; "When I get there I want some damn Del Taco!" Yes! It's become a bit of a holiday tradition that the night we arrive, we grab some Del Taco, chill and catch up. Up top; Mr. RDQLUS, The Almighty Wifebot and Mama RDQLUS, getting our thang in action! (read more)


After T-Day dinner is complete, you settle in and get your "food-coma" on. Not the kid, I headed south of Denver a few miles to Castle Rock CO to hit the "Moonlight Madness" shopping run. Another tradition, most of my family doesn't even buy anything. They just look at me like I'm an idiot running around crazed at the Nike Outlet. First and foremost I'm a "sneaker aficionado" so I made it first in line at the shoe store. The coolest part of being into sneakers is that there is a community of people who share time and space around "kicks." Such was the case this night; I met Nick & Ty and we had a great conversation—almost none of which revolved around the shoes we were about to buy. Nuts.


And one year later… here's Sarah Marshall Gordon! (or "Sega!" as her Uncle Steve calls her) On this fine day we went for a walk and Sarah got her first shoulder-ride—mainly because I'm the only one tall enough and strong enough to get her up there. Such a beautiful, good kid. Look at that smile!


(A moment of silence as we kneel at the altar of one of the cathedrals of design)
And now… meatballs!
And then… minimalist Scandinavian furnishings!


Now, most know that I'm a lover of fine, composite rubber-bottomed footwear, so how could you think that Uncle Steve would shirk his responsibility of "lacing" my niece up properly. Yes, yes!


Tesla is primed to become the "Apple Store" of cars. Appropriately enough, I'm walking out of Apple at Park Meadows Mall in DEN, and I see this gleaming box of red & white with people buzzing about. Inside are electric vehicles built to shame the modest tree-hugger options out now. Selections for color and interior accoutrement are hung on the walls, surprised faces enter and exit the store frequently and many photo ops are being had in the Tesla Roadster out front. Solid!


I love this place. My Brother's Bar had become something of another tradition fr me during the holidays. I usually drive into downtown DEN, pick up my homie Eric H. (owner of Honest Bros. Concept Mechanics) and we hit "Brother's" for great food, equally good conversation & libations, and a few moments to catch up and enhance our "chill-mode." Like I said, I love this place.


Thanksgiving has come and gone… so… light up the tree! It's Christmas time, bizzos!

Who loves ya?!
Now say it back!