"Hvy" is the Head…

… that wears the "Crwn." Or so I've heard.

Time is drawing closer and timing is everything. I'm working really hard to bring out the best possible items that are meant to refresh, augment and support the style of anyone who rocks something from RDQLUS Goods & Cloth. The fun of that is that most who have the idea must have the technical support of designers and artists to bring vision to life. With me it's the other direction. I am a "…fully-operational battle station!" (thanks for the quote, Emperor!) I am a working designer, bringing my clients' brands to life. I am now enjoying the journey of doing the same with my own.

The hats rolled in this week and I was stoked beyond measure to be able to proudly don one. Shamefully I'm trying to find every reason—and outfit—to rock it with. What's funny is that several friends and supporters have already gotten the tongue-in-cheek joke of a hat with a form of "hat" on it… so typically RDQLUS.

The crown stands for that reaching striving to be of the highest pedigree, the best of what is offered. But more than that, is the added connotation of the responsibility. That's why it's tipped. There is a heavy weight that comes with being out front, in a true position of leadership. I'd much rather use the term "nobility," because that means so much more thand just the glamor and shine.

Get ya' "Hvy Crwn" up… let's rock like the responsible, good nobles we strive to be!