If I was the star of a spy movie that took place in outer space… what am I saying? That just about describes my life. Enter; the Space Cops!

(Insert your own laserbeam sounds. Completely appropriate!)

The band has the name that most of us have only heard in ultra-cool spy thrillers, and a sound that most of us have only heard in ultra-cool movies we make in our heads. (Oh that's just me? Well, then you should catch up; it's awesome in here!) Now, I may not look—or play—the part of stereotypical indie-flavored rock candy, but I am no less sweetened-to-taste and a huge fan of the spaced-out, stereophonic, dream-epic sound of Interpol. But after seeing them in person, I'm gonna stop calling them "indie" or "arena" rock, and start referring to them as "head-space odyssey rock", due to the fact that the movie in my head is tracked with this band's sound indirectly chronicling my thoughts while I show mad Han Solo skills at the joy-stick of a space freighter, with an amazing sound-system. Huh?! Never mind that. It would take much too long to explain it to you… just read on.

Just like my action-adventure brain would love to script it, the day started with me not having a ticket to the show. Enter my salty-dog crew of reputable (and lovable) fiends. What? They scored me a ticket?! Like some fantastic get-away driver who just scored a shuttle to make moves in, I'm making vapor! I arrive and take a place at the bar enjoying a libation in this uniquely constructed venue, yet I was still no more than 70ft from the stage. In that space between me and the lip of the pedestal that we'd put the stars on—figuratively and literally—there was a full orchestra pit of jumping, dancing adoration. I found myself in a bit of a sweet-spot; not far from the band, with only a living, breathing amplifier for sound and atmosphere between us. And like so much amazing, other-worldly, over-ripe fruit set to burst, they applied pressure to the sound system and poured the nectar over the awaiting crowd in the pit.

And that was just the first song.