The Future Called… It Wants It's Colors Back!

RDQLUS predicted a color trend 2.5 years in advance.

We'd all like to think we may someday experience a moment when we are truly ahead of the curve, even though such moments are actually quite rare. Let's jump to today, when I get a note from my long time client (and best friend) Jeni Herberger, saying, "hey, you should check out the Pantone 2011 Fashion Color Trend post I just put up." I thought, "Oh cool, that might be a fun read." Knowing I dig fashion and color trends, she thought I might find it interesting. Did I ever! We both got a nice surprise when someone totally outside of our conversation also saw the post and called out something we couldn't see, being so close to the subject at hand…

Wait… WHAT?! Hold on. I need to look again.


I open the post to find that the color palette being predicted as a fashion trend in the upcoming Fall of 2011—by the end-all-be-all color authority, Pantone—contained (4) tonal ranges, listed together, that I had spec'ed for the identity and brand of 'Jeni Herberger Creative Concepts'… almost 2 years ago. That would be a full 2.5 years ahead of the predicted time that the trend would find its legs. Wow, color me floored! On top of that, the description of "Sensible and Spirited" given for the palette is a solid match for Jeni, herself. Nice!

I'm still reeling a bit from this, because anyone who knows me knows I love fashion, style and color. To be ahead of the curve by so far, in an industry that I've long said graphic designers should watch for future trends is mind-blowing. I may be stretching a bit, but it's kind of fun to think about.