Let's Table This Discussion

A special project gets a heartfelt response and a reminder.

When I met with the owner of my recurring client, Batch-at-a-Time, about a totally different project, I had no idea this is the direction the next couple weeks would take. I don't just push pixels, I also do brand consulting with my clients about good moves to make and how to utilize and get the most from their brands & identities, whether I've designed them or not. On this particular day, an open discussion about how to best represent that brand in market settings was up for discussion. Being conscious of capital and available funds, I like to find ways to make the most of what is at a clients disposal. In this case a small oval table with an umbrella awning.

Immediately my head began to work on solutions and when she mentioned painting the table, I blurted out, "what about a tablecloth?!" Her eyes lit up and then I put my foot in my mouth when I mentioned that I now was the owner of a screenprinting outfit, and I bet I could screenprint a tablecloth. Aw dammit! Why the hell did I say that?! But it only took a second to regain composure and think "Let's go!"

Fast forward to 2-weeks later and I'm anxiously awaiting word from my client after delivering two branded tablecloths. She was out of town so I had to wait a day to hear back. I woke up Sunday morning to a message that said "You did it!" followed by this message;

This is where the reminder came in; independent designers are often the support mechanism for the small business person's dreams. We often have a level of expertise they need, but they usually cannot approach larger studios or agencies to get such expertise. We have to stay diligent and bring our "A" game, because we are much closer to the client and literally hold their dream in our mouse hand.