Life in Mono

A breif look at the custom build of the new RDQLUS Goods & Cloth "Monogram"

Monograms carry with them a level of class and the unique charm of there being a back-story, a pedigree to be discovered. Some may remember the RDQLUS "OMA Monogram" design from last year (which became one of my tattoo designs). Having a particular love of monograms, and motivated by the work of some of my design friends (like Benny Gold's "BG" monogram), I decided it was time to create a custom monogram that had no beginnings in any existing typefaces or fonts. But my anxiety peaked a bit when realizing that I had to twist (3) letters together instead of the often-typical 2-letter combos.

The initial & daunting task is the "weave". Nothing matters more to a monogram than purely the way it fits together and the very purposeful interplay between the letters. I wanted it intricate but natural, stout yet instinctual—seeming almost accidentally tangled, yet beautifully settled. To do this, I quickly sketched a hundred thumbnails of twisted letters, so fast that I could think on the weave but not overly plan it initially. The few that began to make sense got another quick sketch treatment with slightly more purposeful lock-ups.

I then illustrated the initial shapes by hand-drawing on my Wacom tablet and then slicing the 2-D look to imply the forward/backward overlapping of the lettering. The addition of my brand elements to polish it all off and viola! The RGC Monogram is ready for action.

Stay posted… it'll be popping up in regular use very soon.

Stay Gleaming!