RDQLUS Palette Jackin'; 1105

RDQLUS Creative 'Color Palette of the Month' = "Electric Royale"

"Palette Jackin'" borrows inspiration from several sources this turn. From a pair of my my classic sneakers, to the deep blue of a wide-open, late spring sky & a new apparel design I recently finished for my RDQLUS Goods & Cloth imprint. This color palette uses a deep royal blue as the base tone. Normally an electric blue of this nature is used sparingly in the main selection because of the brightness and strength of the hue, but that is exactly why I dropped it into the pole-position. Visually, the secondary tone is the lightning green but to give it a chance to have its own "volume", I juxtapose the blue & green against a large area of white to creat a negative space; a vacuum of color that pulls the two together but allows them to act alone in full strength. For a key-tone, instead of using a slim selection of black, we come back with a slice of antique navy to settle the palette but give the blues a feeling of swelling, vibrant depth.

Right-click and save the palette and rock it like electric royalty this month!