Old Glorious; RGC's "Blaq Flag" Limited-Edition tee

RDQLUS Goods & Cloth's "Blaq Flag" finally goes into production!

I can't wait to drop this long-awaited tee on the "RDQLites!" I know many have done it their way, but I've always wanted to design and produce one bearing the 'Hvy Crwn' of RDQLUS.

Open to all manner of interpretation, the first-hand info is that the RGC "Blaq Flag" is a salute to struggle, sacrifice, fighting, forgiving, never forgetting, commonality, and of course—the almighty hustle! All things that are very American. Tentatively planned to drop before the 4th of July holiday.

So break out your BMX & ride like the Cool Kids; on the Dyno with the "Blaq Flag!"