RDQLUS Dropshots; 110812

You're trying to be mad, but you can't be! Ya boy cruised down to American Apparel to check some sizing on some new items that will be rolling off the line for RGC in the next few weeks, when I spotted them; golden love covers for maximum glitz & glamor when I shake the money-maker. Yeah, you're trying real hard to be mad, but you just can't be!

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It's been 12 amazing years, and 225,000 miles of loyal and flawless service. The Almighty Wifebot got a new "whip" this week and it was just time. It was a tough call to make, but "Clee" my faithful 1993 Ford Taurus was put out to pasture. Now I wouldn't dare let her be crushed for scrap—damn that! So I drove her—slowly—over to a salvage yard where her parts and pieces can go to save another car that someone loves as much as I loved her. It's been fun to watch people's reactions to hear the news because my ride was almost directly synonymous with me. She's as RDQLUS as any. You'll be missed, "Clee," dearly.



In the realm of RDQLUS, sound & music are ultimately important, so new "cans" are always being tested and explored. Now, I already have a solid array of aural mayhem-inducers, but my curiosity is always on "10". So I snatched up a pair of Nixon "Master Blaster" headphones and set out to test the beats.



Coffee is not so much for the waking up, as much as it is about the ritual; tweaking your mixtures, amounts of coffee, flavors of beans, etc. Because of this, I ditched the standard machine-prep'ed java for more manual tools of brew assembly. My French press is the hub of my coffee ritual, however in the interest of less volume (and thusly, less creamy, sugary additives) I acquired a stove-top espresso maker. Some may know it as a "Turkish coffee pot," but by any name—the coffee that this thing produces is a dream. And int terms of the ritual, nothing beats the slow, deliberate actions of making your own morning rocket fuel.



Maaaaaaaan… this is just funny as all hell! Urban Outfitters definitely has a certain genre & clientèle in terms of their clothing and retail items, but where I truly think they excel is their off-beat, tongue-in-cheek literary offerings. With titles like "Things White People Like" and "Breaking bad News with Baby Animals" it's always a treat to see what they've found next. This one says it all; for the confused hip-hop enthusiast in your life. Don't get heated when g'ma is giving you the biz for creeping on her stacks of cheddar! (if you had this book, you'd know what I just said)



House of Loom hit the ground running and it throwing down good nights of music, great libations and now special small-venue concerts and shows. The 'Midtown Marauders' did their thing late in the week for a loyal and rabid group of fans that couldn't have packed a venue like the ONE's pride & joy, 'Slowdown', but deserved a great—and proper—venue, no less. Keep knocking it down, "HOL."



Next time you ask why my kicks are so clean or how long I've had them, know this; if I treat my shoelaces better than most women treat their wedding dresses, then you must know I stay "checking my 'fresh.'" That's just how I get down. That is all.



"Stay Gleaming" is a mantra, a goal, a reminder. A diamond that has been dropped, sullied and battered is no less a diamond, and often proves it's worth in these tests because it won't break. Shine it up and watch it… (go ahead, say it.)