RDQLUS Dropshots; 110826

After grabbing a bite to eat with the crew at The NewBLK, the post-lunch stroll back to the work locale took us past the Baum Iron Building on the corner of 13th & Harney (Omaha NE). When you get beyond the facade and walk around the side of the building, your eyes are filled with what must be a 3-story typographic masterpiece. Most of Omaha's 'Old Market District' skyline isn't over 6-stories high, but that made this old warehouse district perfect for the craftsmen sign painters of the early-to-mid 20th Century. The Baum mural is kept looking fresh, and beautifully kerned… so those of us producing tacky type on computers have no excuse. (much more after the jump)


[I love Megan's look in this pic.]
Megan Hunt (Princess Lasertron) & myself sat runway-side on the opening night of Omaha Fashion Week 2011, but only because she was gracious enough to share her unused second ticket. The added good fortune was being flanked to my right by the gifted Buf Reynolds, whose skill and talent really find her on the runways of New York Fashion Week—all due respect to Omaha, but still. In all of the more "portfolio" stylings that saw but a handful of go-to-market styles, the highlight of the night for me was the Toxic Sadie swimsuit line from my friend Erin Thomas, far beyond the obvious reasons. (clean it up, people) Good conversation, laughs and even a few winks from the catwalk. Not a bad seat at all.


Fashion Weeks are always fun for week-long events and hobnobbing, but my brand of haberdashery is less "runway" and far more functional "mix & mingle." I've been sporting the newly released RGC "Pedigree" tee and wear-testing the RGC "Coffeehouse Cardigans" that are set to hit the shop very soon. I have to admit, this is one of the things I've looked forward to for a long time; producing functional pieces that are good looking utilitarian streetwear for us grown-folk. I'm always an identity designer & brand consultant first, but I'm really having fun with this.


I love seeing the homies pop up in RGC gear when I least expect it. Although with Shawn B., I should come to fully expect it. He's one of the most consistent of the "RDQLites" and is working his way to having enough gear to rock a piece for two-weeks straight between laundry duty. This day found him posing heroically in the distance, proudly displaying the "cuddly killer" custom bear of the RGC 'GO' tee. Nicely done, sir.


Thursday night was the night to get fresh and support my girl, Megan and her showing of the Princess Lasertron dress line at Omaha Fashion Week. Copped my ticket and was ready to rock, but a snafu; they had let someone sit in my supposedly reserved seat and then weren't letting me through to reclaim what I had paid for. Two things very wrong with this; firstly, you turn me in to the jerk that has to go kick someone out of their seat when it's your job to make sure I have a seat that I paid a little extra for anyway. There it is, two things in one. Handle biz better. However, I must say the reason for the problem was a packed house and it was good to see such a great turnout.


Keeping my mental fitness is just as important as my physical. Leave it to me to attempt to do both at the same time, just for the shear trial of trying to take in—and master—the over-stimulation of the entire body, simultaneously. And don't even ask if the attempt went well… of course it did. Over 500 calories, 1 episode of SportsCenter, the last half of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' and this picture from my iPhone (which you know I tweeted) later, I was good to roll. That's just RDQLUS!


My crew is always ready for an impromptu pose-down! Don't get us twisted for some fancy-boys; we play extra hard, work even harder and the hands stay consistently dirty as we dig deep. But when it's time to get fresh, we do it only like two fellas from the hood can; extra pimpy. I tried to sneak this shot over the shoulder of my dude & I maxing extra hard at the Princess Lasertron fashion show, but—as you can see—there's no catching a real "G" off his game. My boy E. (Eric Downs of 'Grain & Mortar Design') was like, "Yes." Well done, homie.


This week has gone fast and slow at the same time. The hustle has been as down and dirty as it has been grand. But I'd trade if for nothing. But I can tell you, the look on my face is indicative of the saying on one of my most popular designs to date—the OMAGOODNESS tee I'm rocking; Omaha NE is full of goodness, and "Oh mah' goodness, I need a rest!"


Hustle Hard
Rock Higher
and most definitely, Stay Gleaming, my babies!