RDQLUS Dropshots; 110805

The homie—and uniquely artistic savant—Dave Koenig made my day when I rolled into Liquid Courage Tattoo and caught him rocking my "Royal Monogram" design & rep'ing the RGC imprint as good as any! That's what's up, Dave!

(More stories of my travels thru the week… read on, after the jump.)


Truly one of my favorite young people in this world just turned 18, and mom said she could go get her first (and probably ONLY) tattoo, if "coach" went with her. So of course, I found myself riding shoutgun and corrupting the youth… with goodness! (for the record, she got a "Jesus fish" on her wrist, carefully crafted by myself & inked with care by Dave K. at Liquid Courage… so, nothing major.)


It's always a shock to me that people support RDQLUS Creative's accessories imprint, RGC so proudly and faithfully. None more so than my crew of creative heads & art wranglers at The NewBLK Collective & Gallery. I glanced on this particular day to find that we were all laced up in the "Hvy Crwn" gear, doing our "Smart kids on the run" thing.


Rolling thru the "BenSin" hood (Benson - OMA), I park my car and notice thatthis creepy—if not equal parts awesome—conversion van is sporting a RDQLUS sticker! What??? WHAT!!! (again, equal parts creeped out & awesome!) I see you… do your thing! ;-)


Fresh off of a trip to the "Motherland", my "bruh", Matt "Matty Herbz" Herberger sent me this crown he picked up at Buckingham Palace. He figured that I needed it in my own "Hvy Crwn" collection. He guessed right! What a proper gift from a proper family member. Shouts out to London! (and Jurassic 5)


Women are beautiful. Way to go, God. That is all. Thanks… Mgmt.


20 miles of playing "motor" to our cycles and braving the muddy conditions on the weekly mass exodus we Omaha-area nutballs call the "Taco Ride", E. Downs & I partake of a few carbs to fuel the return trip. Later E. would wear test his helmet and tattoo integrity with a slide down the "long bridge" on the way home. It may—or may not—have been cause by my reaction to the pitch-black conditions and bad riding etiquette of a few ridings in front of us. Hey, E. … this one's for you. Now get over it! ;-)


It's been a week of revelation, motivation and reminders that I truly do believe in what I do and I can't thank every one of the "RDQLites" for the way you all rally and rock with me. Let's take it into the weekend.