RDQLUS Dropshots; 110923

There was a point in my scholastic time that I thought for sure I would become a photographer. So much so that I think I had enough credits for a minor in college. I've been taking pictures in my head, documenting life—my entire life. In the process of putting together my first gallery show ('MSSNGR' at The NewBLK Gallery), I wanted to include my "Dropshots" series but in a different and more visually interesting way. Thanks to the suggestion of Omaha-area designer, print-maker and DIY guy Andrew Osborn, I decided to do acetone transfers. I'm in the midst of doing 100 of them, so look for a post about the process soon.

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Lunch with my homies at The NewBLK has turned into an excursion of history and discovery of so much more than food. So many times, we sit, gawking at the environs to the point of barely finishing the meals in front of us. I love hanging with these guys because they are such an inquisitive, thoughtful, interesting bunch. I leave with new knowledge and little-known facts literally every time. This particular outing, we found ourselves in an undiscovered, rarely-used back-room in a very popular Little Italy neighborhood eating establishment here in "The ONE." And no, I won;'t tell you where until we've procured this room a few times because once you know about it, it's guaranteed to be a constant request for adding a fun little "speak-easy" vibe to a normal lunch hour.


I know it makes no sense but it seems colder and more refreshing this way. That is all.


A view from the front table at the Verizon x Silicon Prairie News 4G LTE launch event, toward the end a simple request to have everyone say high to the camera was met with much enthusiasm. There is always a reason to have people throw their hands in the air and wave them like they just don't care. Right? I especially like the girl in back (upper left) who just threw up a smooth, cool-hand "PEACE." Deuces, indeed!


People do all manner of things at a coffee shop, especially with the larger tables and growing reach of free wi-fi. But I'm always delighted when I see the scope move from digital & mobile officing appropriation of coffee house spaces to something much more tactile. Talk about "moving the needle"… do your thing, ladies. I see you.


The RGC "Scholarship" lid is set to drop soon. In the finishing throws of production right now, I was stoked to get a proof of it, even if a few days late. But here's the thing; the lateness was not a lack of good customer service, but rather quite the contrary. It was an ultimate show of service and knowing the quality expected by a client due to the level of quality shown in the brand. My rep got a proof two days earlier but refused to call me out to have a look because she knew it wouldn't get the okay from me. And it wasn't a bad proof but she knew they could do better. What a compliment to my brand, her company and all involved. The lesson; show patience, that lack of rush-rush–rush might just be someone having your back in the best way.


Staying up on your "fresh" game isn't always about acquiring new, but your skill at maintenance of the old. I get a good bit of joy from breaking out the supplies and concocting new and better ways to keep it clean & classy. Let's be honest, the "Hvy Crwn" must "stay gleaming." 


This week was a blitz of blurred kinetics. I truly tested my status as the "mobile creative" in my city. But I enjoyed every minute of it. With my office placed squarely on my back, loving packed in my RGC custom Mission Workshop bag, I hustle to purchase Life in bulk and use those ingredients to produce the communication telling the stories about it all.

Thanks for running with RDQLUS.

Love you… Say it back!