RDQLUS Dropshots; 110930


I love finding visual balance at a glance—even better when it's asymmetrical. As I stood, leaning against the fence after a good workout the view became a good metaphor for how I was feeling in the mild night air. The sides of the scale need not have the same items, as long as you are striving for balance.


I was having a chat online with young Omaha-area artist and go-getter, Erick Abernathy aka "Uncool", and as I was mentoring and helping him, I ranted on something that got his wheels turning and motivated to make something happen. Now, that could be evidence that you should watch what you say online because it can be so easily pulled & referenced. But more importantly than that, the spark we are looking for can hide in communication with our peers—no matter age or location. Chat, talk, speak, write… communicate with people. So much good can come of it.


Okay, follow the logic; the top of the muffin often has the most taste and the special goodies from which it will get its various signature names. So I only like eating the part with the tastiest flavors. Eating half the muffin should be around half the calories, not to mention the top is less dense and compacted. So… I eat muffin tops to avoid having one. (head bow, audience applauds)


Nine years back, one of my former co-workers approached me as I was just starting to moonlight as "RDQLUS" and picking up client work on the side of my day gig. Her mother had naught but a business card designed in Microsoft Word and a fledgling landscaping service. She asked if I would be able to help her mother out with a re-design of her brand that would allow her to stay small but have the look of a few of the local heavy-hitters in the lawn & landscaping industry. Almost a decade later, she has a fleet of trucks (apparently including a few U-Hauls) bearing the name & logo I designed for her (my contribution was the top half). Imagine my surprise when I pull up behind a massive truck to see the first official RDQLUS-designed logo, a decade older and still helping her business grow. Damn the awards, this is validation enough. Thank you Vickie Lea; looks like you're hitting heavy yourself now.


Raw fingers , half a ream of Classic Crest paper and over half a can of acetone later, they are done; 100 lovingly shot iPhone photos became 100 lovingly transfered images to be displayed at 'MSSNGR'—my first solo gallery show. I wish I could convey the full labor-intensive process, through which I learned so much. But it's my sincere and humble hope that the viewer will feel some of that face-to-photo.


The Boy King; I am forever the 12 year-old boy that my mother so lovingly and painstakingly constructed a king around. This one is yours, Mama.