RDQLUS Palette Jackin'; 11/09

Special Edition: the Official RDQLUS Palette

So many times the most effective things aren't your favorites or your typical choices. Often it's what's most effective in portraying your brand and the "tone" you wish to set. For instance, my favorite colors is 'Cobalt' blue & burnt orange, but I have never used those colors together, nor in my branding.

The nature of my brand as a designer for other companies and clients is built on a stealthy, confidence mixed with a need to attract attention and self-promote for relevance and visibility in a crowded landscape. To accomplish this, I've always had a thing for tonal ranges with brash hits of color. It's my fashion sense, my personal branding & design style. The RDQLUS palette utilizes (2) tones of cool gray, an "inky" rich black and a vibrant plum red. (read more)


RDQLUS color array showing the tonal grays, black & plum red in realtion to each other.


I recently customized a pair of my favorite shoes—the Air Jordan 3 "Stealth"—based on these colors, achieving a tri-toned gray coupled with the existing red. The change was significant enough to warrant a name-change for the shoe, so it became the RDQLUS x Jordan 3 "Storm."

RDQLUS x Jordan 3 "Storm" showing matching hints of RDQLUS brand color.