'Logo Lounge' Rolls RDQLUS for Lucky #7

 RDQLUS Creative identity work to be featured in the newest upcoming Logo Lounge collection.

Logo Lounge has carved out a niche of being the design industry bastion for the best identity & logo design and documenting trends in the design of brand identity. That is what makes the inclusion in yet another of their "best of" collections humbling and exciting at the same time.

The two marks that were "invited" into the fold this round were the identities designed for 'Expeditiously Delicious' and 'Tie-Die'. 'Expeditiously Delicious' is custom-order, "by request only" baked goods outfit in the Greater Seattle area. 'Tie-Die' is a streetwear/skate boutique planned by a handful of friends disillusioned with the everyday 9-5 grind, who would rather be grinding. It should be noted, they are adamantly—and obviously—against the wearing of "Corporate American" neck-wear.

"Logo Lounge 7" is to be released in the first half of 2012.