RDQLUS x NIKEiD Jordan 2012

Yesterday, I announced that representatives from NIKEiD reached out and asked me to dive into to their site and create a custom "iD" version of one of the sneakers offered. Well, this is RDQLUS… you know I'm not going to let it be so surface-level, right? I'm an identity & brand specialist, so I wanted to instill some fun themes and story into the design that I will eventually receive and wear, a lot!

The shoe I chose to customize on "iD" is the Air Jordan 2012. The preliminary designs are;
1) the "Shaolin Monk" - the legendary fighting monks get a performance boost.
2) the "Jewelry Box" - breakfast, anyone?
3) the "BLAQ TIE Affair" - keep it classy, sneaker-lovers.
4) the "Poison Tree Frog" - don't touch it… it's deadly fresh!
5) the "Rorschach" - take a look at the picture—what do you see? Sweet, sweet style?

What's your favorite RDQLUS custom?