RDQLUS Dropshots; 120330

Excuse me for one moment while I bask…
I can vividly remember scraps of paper taped to my wall above my bed; scribbled upon, inked, and lovingly displayed drawing of sneakers. Part desire, part aspiration—I've always had a love for footwear, even at a time when my mother fighting gallantly to put food on the table meant she could barely afford a pair at the second-hand store, let alone a new pair. The design, structure, and the form dictated by function were all things that had me starry-eyed and even led to the study and career paths I chose. So… imagine my heart stopping in a good way when I got the email with the juggernaut of sneakers' name attached. [read on!]


And now… we 'HUMP!' [every last Wednesday of the month, at the RC Annex / New BLK]
The RDQLUS CREATIVE monthly continues, as a chance to simply slow down for a few moments, decompress, and—as we like to say—grill, spill & chill. The weather's cooperation the past few weeks had folks excited and this particular day didn't disappoint. Many thanks and love to the crew at 'The New BLK' for the co-sponsor and good vibes. Come thru next time, you know we're totally gonna…


Dude is mad sketchy! Knowing my design style and that I've designed a few of my own tattoos, I got a call from a family generation of ladies very special to me, asking if I would consider sketching an idea for a tattoo that would come to celebrate the differences and ties that bind them together as family. To say it was an honor would be to put it far too lightly.


On the real… the wait at the concession stand on the midnight opening of "Hunger Games" left me hungry and in no mood to play! That is all.


Last week, Omaha Fashion Week put on a great series of shows for the display of the Fall season. As per the usual, I cruise to a few events and after-parties to hang, meet friends, see and be seen. The Friday show featured the work of bridal designer and "Friend of RDQLUS", Megan Hunt aka "Princess Lasertron." It's usually a full-on cult of personality when you step into the circle with Megs. Hilarity ensued when the pint-sized powerhouse found herself without a champaign flute. Without a even half-second pause or a hint of second-guessing, she grabs the bottle and says, "What we sippin' on?!" She didn't have a glass the rest of the night and that's why RDQLUS has love for the Princess.


I most definitely clean-up nicely, but even in that you have to know that I'm going to do it my way. For Omaha Fashion Week's Friday showing I wanted to go with something that was pure "street" on the underpinnings and could shift to fashion show stylish on one move. Start with the RDQLUS Goods & Cloth (RGC) sample "Make Bucks" tank and Gap raw selvedge denim. Cover that with a Cezani multi-striped blazer and bookend the look with classic Air Jordan XIV retro kicks and a bright red RGC "Royal Standard" snapback for an attention-grabbing pop of color in a room full of fashionable bodies. Yeah… RDQLUS, ain't it?


This is the fruits of the RDQLUS x NIKEiD project that you've probably heard way too much from me about lately. So I'll keep this short; put this in your eye sockets and rub gently.