The One from The ONE

Principal of Chicago's award-winning GRIP Design, Kevin McConkey interviews RDQLUS CREATIVE/Stevie G for "The Culture Vulture."


I've looked up to Kevin McConkey since the beginning of my career as a professional creative. He's always been a candid, heart-felt straight-shooter with the right idea on how to go about doing what we design-types try to accomplish each day, for the rest of our careers. He's a mentor, a friend and an ardent supporter of RDQLUS CREATIVE's work & efforts; all things that are mind-blowing to me as I'm just thrilled to be at the very least be a colleague of the GRIP family. To have him reach out and do an interview with me was a real honor, and fun as all hell to be honest.

The Culture Vulture: "Studio of One from The ONE" (