Attn: Gentelmen Rogues… KURO.BLAT is Coming!

Over the past few weeks, I've hinted and given sneak-peeks at one of the new identities RDQLUS CREATIVE has been working on. Moving many steps closer to going into official action is Kuro.Blat; a fight/training gear company with specific ideas to shake the traditional skulls, snakes, crucifixes and stale iconography that litters the landscape and breeds stereotypes about professional fighters.

The pedigree was more along the view of what we've dubbed the "gentleman rogue." In a pop-culture sense, think Han Solo, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Bill the Butcher, etc.; all gents you may not want to cross, but hard to argue that there's a certain code, integrity and status in the way they carry themselves, keep their word and handle business.

Keep a monocled eye out for what's on the way.