Multi-Use Brand Stationery for EDNEY A.P

I'm not big on blatantly trendy materials for brand collateral or stationery design because it smacks of low substance, high schmooze and gimmick. But occasionally, the use for a non-traditional material is cross-referenced perfectly with a client need so perfectly that using it is the only way to go—and happily.

Being an adventure photojournalist, Jen Edney spends her time around lots of natural substances and the kind of action that would easily destroy a paper card. Couple that with the fact that she carries enough gear to sherpa an army up the Matterhorn, it's clear that shed need a way to quickly identify her gear during travel and the jumble of baggage and wreckage at action/adventure sporting events. Enter the EDNEY business stationery, put together for its use, more so than the looks—although those come through as well.

The polycarbonate card acts as a business card and a luggage tag, stackable by the handful when hung from a small clip or carabiner. It can possibly butter bread in a pinch. The die-cut stickers make for a great branding & identification tool by slap the logo on helmets, laptops, cases and more. They provide a bit of gift-bag swag to hand out to curious on-lookers and fans of the work.