RDQLUS Dropshots; 120420

It's amazing how the little things thrill us so easily. Due to my athletic background, I've always wanted to have a "varsity" letter of my own that I've designed as a secondary logo for the RDQLUS suite of things I'm involved in. Imagine my shock to find that a friend knew how to get them produced. In the span of two weeks, the "Royal Standard" mark that I use quite often for my RDQLUS' "RGC" imprint had become a chenille letter. Put me in coach! These will be at RGC in a few weeks, available for placement on anything you wish. [read on!]


It's always a blast to go and speak to the mass media/journalism class at UNO each semester. Between Dusty Davidson of Silicon Prairie News and Megan Hunt of Princess Lasertron, we tend to get rowdy and have a bit too much fun ourselves, which you can see clearly amuses the student body.


Le Quartier told me to tell you that your grilled cheese is childish. That is all.


Working for yourself, or as an "independent" translates to "you must have time to do the things I can't" for the rest of the loved ones in your life. On this particular morning, it was assumed I had time to go to the dealership for an oil change. I guess. But have you been to a car dealership service department at 9am? It's minivan heaven, and you know who drives minivans? Yep… hot moms! When teased about that fact, we got a great laugh but I'm sure I'll never get sent to the dealership again. Sorry, hot moms. No more RDQLUS for you!