RDQLUS Dropshots; 120425

1. Being a huge "sneaker aficionado" and having that overlap naturally into my design life and career, as of late, it was a really big personal treat to have an organization like the 'Sneaker Pimps' follow me on my Instagram social channel and like one of my pictures. The treat lies in the fact that the picture was of a design I had just done for a client that coincided closely to a recent major release. It's the little things, right?

2. Lady in a red dress? More like a lady in a "Piet" dress! While cruising the "We Are Omaha" benefit gallery event at InCommon Community Development, I happened upon a cutie in a dress that immediately evoked a response from the architecture & design student inside (which is still the driving force to my work & style). This beautiful dress borrowed the style of artist Piet Mondrian, who was an inspiration to many—including Frank Lloyd Wright. Now that's how to style on them at a gallery.

3. In need of some lunch eats, I pop over to Village Grinder because they have the best egg salad sammies. When I grab a pen to sign my receipt I see the coolest thing in the often cheesy flowerpot of pens; there are very intricately made duct-tape flowers adorning the miniature flower pot full of coffee beans. Made my whole day. I love that kind of creativity. You know I have to explore how to make these now.

4. Crispix, yo! That is all. I could finish a whole box in one sitting… and I'm too grown for my mama to tell me I can't! [insert evil laughter here]

5. What used to be a side project for fun has become a labor of complete love and dedication. RDQLUS CREATIVE started RDQLUS Goods & Cloth to have an outlet for good streetwear that grown-ups could wear, confidently and fashionably. Now, co-owner of a boutique print shop, I still bust knuckles on each and every piece to ensure that fans of RGC get something hand-made directly from me. I'm so blessed to love what I do and not mind working so very hard at it.

6. If you are over the age of 30 and you wouldn't do back-flips for a place called 'Beercade', I might need tou to shut this browser window down, immediately. Part bar, part arcade, all fun—Beercade is the newest must see zone in The ONE. On this particular night, I grab a beverage, kick in the door with my homie E. Downs of Grain & Mortar Design, grab a drink, pocket a stash of quarters and commence to own the night. No high score is safe when I'm getting loose on the 8-bit wonders. You want some? Come get some.