RDQLUS Dropshots; 120512


1. A couple months back, I got a call from talented photographer, Bill Sitzmann of Minorwhite Studios to sit for him as he did a "moving portrait"; a stylishly shot study to find out a bit about a person in an organic, authentic way. I just got word—and caught a glimpse—from gifted editor, Jon Tvrdik—of what's about to come to fruition a few months later and I'm stoked and honored!

2. While I was working on a screen-print run for a client, the other half of The Common Co. crew decided to test out the couched in the print shop to see how our "rest" machines were working. Looking comfy, "2nd Shift."

3. What you know about that Hood milk, yo?! That's what I thought!

4. During the Spring, about 1/3 of my total life is devoted to volunteer coaching high school track & field. I love teaching and helping them live out some sports memories and life lessons, but ultimately we want to go to State… well buckle up—they qulified, making them (and "Coach") very happy campers! Congrats, Lady Warriors!

5. Each year the 'Big Omaha' entrepreneurial conference is held in my city (Omaha NE) and the highlight is often the networking events cleverly disguised as parties where speakers, sponsors and attendees all gather on some common ground over some uncommonly good beverages.

6. I trotted up to my stoop, ready to punch in the key code and was almost punched myself! I immediately felt more secure to find my door being doubly guarded by a tiny karate master. Step to my door and get your leg swept like Daniel-san, fool!

7. Each year that I am asked to speak at the annual (and amazing) HOW Design Live conference, I design a commemorative, limited-edition tee for a few of the lucky masses. There will be (2) designs this year. Stay posted.

8. I like to take drives, turn on the beats and just zone and take my city in. We aren't NYC. It's not LA. No. This is Omaha. Don't fly over; fly in. Get familiar. We'll have you saying "OMAGOODNESS" in no time.