RDQLUS x NIKEiD Jordan 2012 - Final Looks

Wrapping up the designs for my RDQLUS x NIKEiD custom, these are the final three designs that I will choose from. Vastly different in look, each has a much different backstory and very particular ideas on how I'd wear them.

Matching the color it's namesake's garb but contrating their demeanor, the "Shao Lin Monk" is brash and flashy. This look is a kick to the door of any room I'd walk into, speaking loudly and letting people know, "Yes yes, I'm here for that attention… lavish it upon me!" (Most who know me, are giggling right now)

Equally as eye-catching—but far more soothing to that eye, once caught—the "Jewelry Box" is pure silk. Draped in a sea-foam "aqua" color reminicent of "Tiffany & Co.", this version would palette-appropriate thru the spring & summer, and a cheekily brazen stand-out as a stopped for photo opps at "Fashion Week." Turning stylish heads in a sneaker? Yeah, that's just the way I like it.

Now, while I'm no "shrinking violet" when it comes to the spotlights of attention beaming my way, I'd like to think that I can play it equally as classy—even in a pair of "kicks." The "BLAQ TIE Affair" version of the Jordan 2012 is a lock for those red-carpet moments and times when you have to get your "grown" on, and step that style game up more than a couple of notches. Trust, I have a feeling you'll see me in these eventually—no matter what.

I'm leaning heavily toward the "Jewelry Box" & the "BLAQ TIE," but right when I think I have it nailed I imagine the "Shao Lin" stomping hot summer concrete! I have to decide by the end of this week… any input?



RDQLUS x NIKEiD Jordan 2012

Yesterday, I announced that representatives from NIKEiD reached out and asked me to dive into to their site and create a custom "iD" version of one of the sneakers offered. Well, this is RDQLUS… you know I'm not going to let it be so surface-level, right? I'm an identity & brand specialist, so I wanted to instill some fun themes and story into the design that I will eventually receive and wear, a lot!

The shoe I chose to customize on "iD" is the Air Jordan 2012. The preliminary designs are;
1) the "Shaolin Monk" - the legendary fighting monks get a performance boost.
2) the "Jewelry Box" - breakfast, anyone?
3) the "BLAQ TIE Affair" - keep it classy, sneaker-lovers.
4) the "Poison Tree Frog" - don't touch it… it's deadly fresh!
5) the "Rorschach" - take a look at the picture—what do you see? Sweet, sweet style?

What's your favorite RDQLUS custom?