RDQLUS Dropshots; 120311

One of my favorite things to do is take to the neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon, grab a comfy seat, fire up my alpha waves with music, my cells with caffeine and my iPad with the interweb connectivity. The weather was hinting at impending Spring and I alighted from my typical Sunday wanderings kick up my freshly adorned feet and see what the rest of the world outside the [402] was up to. As it turns out, the answer is always, "much!" [read on!]


I'm always delighted to hear from Kim Nunley, an ardent supporter of my RGC accessories imprint. So when I got an email from her, I figured it was a standard reaching-out to say hello as we do every couple weeks. But this correspondence was different. Kim had made the leap from checking out the gear to checking out the work on the RDQLUS CREATIVE side of the shop, and had come to the conclusion that she wanted help to craft an identity and put clear, creative branding in front of her efforts as a very talented screenwriter. I jumped at the chance and what resulted was one of the favorite identities that RDQLUS has created to date—much credit due to this very savvy, informed and trusting client and friend.


Mid-week. That means Krug Park, posted up in a booth—prime observatory position to ingest the stimuli from all senses and angles. Yeah, this is my spot. So if you're not from "The ONE" and you find yourself in the "Middy"—between Chicago & Denver, Minneapolis & KC—hit me up; first one is on me.


Over the last few weeks I've spent a lot of time cooling out with my shooter! Don't let the demure face fool you; Jess E. is a mutha'effin' monster… on the photography front, that is. She's done an amazing job shooting the look-book for 'RDQLUS Goods & Cloth' in the most innovative way I've ever seen done. I'm telling you, if you don't know about Jessica Ewald—trust, you'd better get familiar.


Scene: interior at 'The Common Co.'
It's been an dream-come-true to have my new press up & running at, with my cohorts from 'Make Believe Clothing Co.' Over the last few weeks we've had "Sunday Fun-Days" where we will break out a few screens, test colors, print a few samples, sip beverages and converse about projects, news about town and life in general. Stay posted as we'll be going public with "Sunday Fun-Day" soon.


I can't properly convey the amount of respect, love and appreciation I have for those who support my efforts in all creative endeavors. None have been more steadfast in that support than the crew at the 'New BLK Collective'. Firstly, the "RDQLUS CREATIVE Annex" office sits second level atop the mayhem. Secondly, on any given day I can walk into the shop and see someone 'RGC'd up. This particular day was photo-opp worthy when I noticed that art director Shane B. and intern-extraordinaire Tyson R. were rocking the same lid that I had chosen for the day. Sorry boys, you know what comes next… act natural. *snap*


The One from The ONE

Principal of Chicago's award-winning GRIP Design, Kevin McConkey interviews RDQLUS CREATIVE/Stevie G for "The Culture Vulture."


I've looked up to Kevin McConkey since the beginning of my career as a professional creative. He's always been a candid, heart-felt straight-shooter with the right idea on how to go about doing what we design-types try to accomplish each day, for the rest of our careers. He's a mentor, a friend and an ardent supporter of RDQLUS CREATIVE's work & efforts; all things that are mind-blowing to me as I'm just thrilled to be at the very least be a colleague of the GRIP family. To have him reach out and do an interview with me was a real honor, and fun as all hell to be honest.

The Culture Vulture: "Studio of One from The ONE" (RockPaperInk.com)