RDQLUS Dropshots; 120217

"I am 'royalty'; whether by breed or by deed… I am 'royalty'." - Steve G. (RDQLUS)
The idea behind of the the most recent designs for RDQLUS CREATIVE's 'RGC' imprint was the idea above—that a person's status and standing in this world can still be of his own making. There are standards, old ways, rules of engagement but my pedigree is not only determined by my bloodline but my efforts. In ancient times, a peson could be elevated into the status of a "noble," even in contrast to his bloodline pedigree. All after him would have nobel blood. Apply this logic to our own efforts and we can all elevate our status and apply that pedigree to all we do and all who come after us.

So what does that have to do with the new design? Instead of a font or typeface of some poorly constructed, badly conceived "old English" letter, I decided I would earn my stripes and create a custom calligraphic mark to add to the visual lexicon and logo system I use for 'RGC'. In a long, very detailed and painstaking process I began with basic sketches and slowly followed the process thru many revisions to create the RGC calligraphy "R." When the first sample of the new lids in the RGC Spring line showed up, it was a bit overwhelming to see something I had conceived and created from start to finish—by my own hand—sitting tangibly in front of me. This is now a family mark in the pedigree. Let's be "royalty." [read on…]


It's a crisp, sunny morning. I park grab my gear and up on the beautiful "old girl"—our affectionate nickname for the wonderful masterpiece of a building housing The NewBLK and RDQLUS CREATIVE. As I round the corner, I happen upon a scene that always makes me smile; the NewBLK crew is out front holding down the stoop in classic East Coast brownstone fashion, as a few of us actually used to do. Nothing to out of hand about that, until I spot something that let me know I'm not as classy as I should be. Resident man-of-mystery, Jon Husted was sipping his coffee from his customary wine glass. No matter the clear absurdity of the entire scene, all I could think was, "damn, that's some classy sh*t!" Yeah, it really was.


Everyone has a story of a "Day-Maker." On a fine day in the OMA, I strolled into the Jackson Street Tavern in the Old Market District of Downtown Omaha, set for a midday snack and some good conversation with the crew. Up strolls Lindsay; a genuine smile coated in charm, humor and the right mix of sarcasm. Now, trust, I dig the Jackson Street Tavern, but it's a tavern, nonetheless. Lindsay was a welcome surprise alone, but the combination of her skilled service & charm and really great food had all at the table lifted and buzzing about the injection of something a bit special into our day. The topper was ordering a hot tea and having the selection presented "fine cigar" style at table-side. Like I said—a day-maker.


Ah, yes. A chardonnay, a crackling fire, dark denims and Air Jordans. Would you expect anything less? Took a moment to have a libation and dinner with "Friend of RDQLUS," author of "Caffeine for the Creative Mind" and an incredible creative in his own right—Stefan Mumaw. He was in town to speak to college students and instructors who had converged on the area for the annual two-day "Meet the Pros" event where they get to plug into the professional creative community for a bit and get advice, portfolio reviews and perhaps make some career connections. The beautiful and historic Magnolia Hotel (formerly the 'Aquila') made a great backdrop to the evening's happenings.


I absolutely love getting dressed to leave my residence for any and every reason. Street-style is not set apart from what most would call "fashion"—it's the very application of such. I watched a documentary about stalwart photographer Bill Cunningham and he drops so many gems throughout, not the least of which was the point that the street-level application of design, color, style and utility is—at it's best—the very crux of creativity. Get dressed; we've got placed to be, world.