RDQLUS Dropshots; 120302

Cosmo from 1987? Oh, trust… I get all the quizzes right! This is an out-take sneak-peek of the RGC Spring 2012 look-book that will be dropping hopefully next week. The talent behind the lens and beautifully muted style is Instagram sensation and an innovator in the growing category of "iPhone'ography," Jess Ewald. I can't divulge her shooting secrets, but I can tell you that there is no more gifted eye that hers. I'm glad she's down with me. [read on!]


There is stunning beauty in the most ordinary of things around us, all the time. I woke one morning this week and this was the site. A stunningly cropped and lit scene lay above me. The convenience of being able to reach for my mobile device and get a snap is such a wonderful thing. the capture and documentation of life in moments is truly a gift—the way I see it.


Spotted: the RGC "Royal Standard" at Krug Park (Benson Neighborhood), Omaha NE.
My homie—and ardent supporter—Feirin W. usually gets advance samples of RGC gear to rock and wear-test for me. She wasted no time getting into her new cloth and stealing my hat bearing the new RGC "Royal Standard" mark. I can't front, she makes it look far better than I'd ever even attempt to. RDQLUS' accessories imprint RGC will drop the Spring 2012 line next week.


I give myself the "fits" sometimes… but only the good kind.
My RGC imprint is completely designed and created by me. So what you get is more than just a tee, or a hat. I bring to bear all of my design principles and skill in creating all of the artwork for the line. I love the aspect of wearing the designs that were created to tell the story of a brand and the kind of good heads that support it. Oh, it looks nice too.


I'm as "hood" as they come, by way of upbringing. But once you are exposed to something that pins the needle so hard that your receiver is blown, there's no going back or remaining the same. That happened when I taught to never take time off from taking pride in my appearance. That moved to studying style, trends, fashion and lifestyle from all angles; my regular life, my career & professional life and from the aspect of aspiring to connect with that world as a contributor. So naturally, as I watch Netflix while working out to pass the time more quickly, I chose a favorite documentary of mine; "The September Issue"—featuring the exploits (and tell-tale looks) of the glorious Anna Wintour. Someday, I'll send you all a picture of her and I having a coffee and a chat.


Needless to say it was a long week… and then I got a ticket. Yeah, I'm done with the woods, bro! Let's go!